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Water safety service
is now known as

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Cost-effective solution to
remotely monitor water consumption


  • Alerts regarding leaks and abnormal consumptions
  • Absence alerts
  • Discount in home insurance


  • Awareness of consumption patterns
  • Valuable information for the water department on the state of the network and real time data.
  • Water consumption forecast models for the future


  • Measurement reading directly to the billing system
  • Letterless monitoring
  • Real time billing


Cost-effective solution to remotely monitor water consumption

  • Does not require installation by an electrician or plumber
  • Suitable for all metre models.
  • Easy introduction
  • No actions required by the water department


Installation of the service has been made easy for the customer or the water department. The AQVA.IO device is placed onto the water meter and attached to an electrical outlet with the aid of a low-voltage cable. The power consumption is a minimal.

The configuration of the reader takes place with a mobile phone, tablet or computer. The AQVA.IO device creates a temporary WiFi access point, containing user friendly web page for configuration. With this user can define house’s WiFi address (SSID) and possible password. After this, the device automatically starts to supply the data collected from the water meter. The device has an LED that indicates the successful data transfer to the AQVA.IO server. The user can change or update their settings at any time, or transfer the device to another WiFi network area.


Any overruns surpassing alarm limits can be analysed from the data stored in the cloud. For example, a water leak at home during an absence notification period, extended consumption periods, unexpected large water consumptions or abating small water leaks, such as a leak in a toilet system. Alerts can be sent to the customer by SMS. Water consumption information can also be sent from the cloud service to the water department for billing purposes.

An advantage of using a WiFi network is the free data transfer. Data sent from the metre is minimal, compared to current internal network and Internet connection data transmissions. In addition, according to our research, 75% of private households have access to an internal network, as well as a power outlet in the vicinity of the water meter.

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